Key Deliverables and Accountabilities

Core Settlement Services

Provide settlement related information, advice, advocacy or referral services to individuals or their families due to issues arising from their settlement experience

Community Connectedness

Provide assistance to newly arrived clients to make social connections and enhance their economic and personal wellbeing

Youth Settlement Services

Provide specialised customised settlement services targeting young people between the ages of 15 and 24 years

Strengthen Relationships Programmes

Work with and support the African community in particular African women to develop confidence, skills and the knowledge required to help strengthen family relationships


Work extensively with clients to develop a tailored response to their settlement needs, for example: provision of settlement information on a one-to-one basis, referrals to mainstream government and other service providers, general support and advocacy on behalf of the clients and development of life skills

Information sessions or workshops: facilitate the provision of information sessions for eligible clients, with a pre-arranged topic or activity. The information session should concentrate on imparting life skills which will assist eligible clients to connect with mainstream agencies and the broader community to assist them meet their own settlement needs

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